Touchcards 2 – Learning with your iPhone

When you think of flash cards, you think of fun.  Right?  OK, maybe grade school ruined the idea for most of us, but it’s still an excellent way to memorize information that you need to know.  For many, what better way to do that than to use your iPhone, since it goes everywhere you do and can be brought up in a flash (pardon the pun).

Touchcards 2 is an iPhone app that is both scientific and versatile.  You can import decks of study cards from Quizlet, StudyStack and others or you can make your own deck for custom learning.  You can even use a matching game (built in) with decks of cards to compete with friends for high scores.  Those scores can be shared via Twitter and Facebook.

Any spreadsheet (properly formatted) can be imported as a study card deck for use in Touchcards 2 and they have a tutorial to show you how to build a deck using Google Docs for free.  Several review modes for studying the cards, including quizzes, random showings, the Leitner method, and most difficult are possible.  The app also keeps track of your use and performance so you can see how you’re progressing and whether you’ve mastered a deck.

The Touchcards 2 app also remembers where you are in a deck, so you can maximize otherwise wasted time like when you’re riding the subway or waiting for someone in front of the theater.

Overall, the app is very nicely done, extremely useful, and can also be used as a challenge with the game point system leading to achievements.  Touchcards 2 is made by Steven Romej of Slidetorock.

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