Tips For Freelance Writers

Freelancing writing is becoming more popular than ever before.   All around the world, freelance writers can start up their careers with some of the targeted bidding sites that are now available on the web . These are all very ideal but tend to function more like databases, and fail to provide the rapport needed to make a freelancer feel comfortable doing a project with someone you have not met in person.

Each freelance site has different approaches and rates. A freelance writer can choose any of the current sites out there to suit their needs. Your best choice is to choose one of the freelance  sites which has a track record in your expertise. Although many of the sites fail to give users a feeling of comfort, some let you fill out a very basic profile where you can showcase your skills.  Based upon your skill levels, it makes it easier for a client to choose your services.

If you are a match to do freelance jobs, the clients will award you the projects they posted on the site. If you have had previous experience and you have positive feedback, then you are more likely to get projects award to you, and build your database of clients.  It is very essential to fulfill the needs of the client on the projects. Buyers on these sites will research  your completed projects and keep in touch with you for further tasks in the future as well.

If the clients award you the project, you should always complete it in the time promised. When the deadline comes, you are expected to provide the client the finished project as promised. Some of your clients will expect their projects to be completed before the actual promised date. Although it is always a good thing to finish fast, make sure you take your time and provide your clientele with the highest quality work, even if it means taking to the last day of the promised date. It is essential to always bid on projects in a reasonable manner.  There will always be someone cheaper then you, but if you can provide exceptional work, and a price similar to others, your clients will not mind paying a bit higher for better writing.

Once if your bid gets accepted from the side of your clients, you will be notified, through the freelance site you won the project on. At this point you will learn about the particulars of the project.   There are freelance sites that already have escrow systems in place, and these are usually the best sites to use for your projects. Using escrow  to receive payments is a safe way to ensure you receive payment for your work.  The means to pay range from PayPal, ACH, Credit Cards, and Wires.Some clients will pay the entire amount into the escrow before you start working on the assigned tasks. Once monies are deposited in the escrow account, you can make arrangements to release a specified amount to begin the work. Although there are many sites already in the process of offering freelance jobs; each handle their escrow differently.  Personally, I would never do a job without receiving money up front. You have to carefully monitor the sites and choose which one suits for you.

Soon there will be a new site, to help buyers and sellers of freelance projects meet, and socialize.  STAY TUNED, we will keep you updated on our findings.

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