Tip’d Social Networking Meets Stock Investing

In today’s market, most people are of two minds: bail out or hang on and hope for the best. For those who’re planning to hang on and hope for the best, analysis and investment sites are probably high on your list of things to check first. Tip’d is a unique idea in investing, though it’s really just a combination of a couple of ideas that have been around for a while.

Social voting sites that offer news or other things that users then vote up or down to gain or lose popularity have been around for quite some time. Some are becoming Internet powerhouses of their own, earning themselves near-verb status (Digg, Stumble) and entering the realm of Google.

Tip’d is your basic news vote-up site, but emphasizes financial news (stocks, investments, economy, and so forth). It was started by two guys named Jimmy and Andy (they call themselves Jimandi) and is an open community site with few restrictions. The community decides which stories get top billing and which ones fall by the wayside.

It’s a great idea, in a way, but like many of these sites is susceptible to takeover by special interests (corporations, groups, etc.) who can focus a base of users on the site to vote on specific stories and push them to the top artificially. Also like any site of this nature, that is eventually countermanded by the growing user base who will eventually outvote the special interest.

So far, this site appears to be running legitimately and many financial news stories you probably won’t see in The Wall Street Journal or other mainstream publications or websites are gaining ground at Tip’d. The site’s layout and organization are well done with great categories like “Entrepreneurship” and “Personal Finance” and with the users themselves more or less policing whether stories are in the category that fits them.

Signup to use the site is free and you can start submitting your own stories and voting on other stories immediately. Commentary and other options are also available, as with most sites of this nature.

You have little to lose by using Tip’d, though it pays to do some research before investing in or selling stocks and I don’t think any financial advisor would recommend that you do one or the other based solely on the information you might find at Tip’d. That said, the community is fairly lively and the information is at least interesting, if not informative.

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  1. Tip's is a good resource for stock investors to share their experience and opinion of particular stocks; however, I question how useful it would be for lesser known stocks. I could really use a second opinion on a stock I'm looking at right now. Mentor Capital (MNTR) has a 20% interest in Quantum Immunologics (QI), a biotech company in FDA approved trials for their new breast cancer treatment that exposes proteins found only on cancer cells in order to use the body’s immune system to focus on and attack cancer cells specifically. Unlike surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy, patients report only flu-like side effects. Mentor Capital intends to funnel more capital into QI. According to BreastCancerInvesting.com, buying Mentor Capital’s common stock at its current price of $2.65/share is like a risk-mitigated call option on QI’s cancer immunotherapy candidate which could pay off exponentially in terms of stock price gains. I haven't heard many outside opinions on the stock so something like Tip'd would be great.


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