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timetonote60There are a lot of CRM tools out there and all of them compete against the gold standard of Salesforce.  The problem is that Salesforce is very expensive and is really meant for the enterprise, not the small or one-man-show business.  If you need good CRM, but aren’t able to afford all of the cash required for big apps like Salesforce, then something like might be what you need.

Timetonote is free to use and allows you to track leads, your communications with clients and employees, and to manage your contacts and tasks.  You can also build lists of suppliers, collaborators, and sales team information as well.  If you grow out of Timetonote, you can export your data for use in another application.

Timetonote is fairly robust for a free app and has a lot to offer in many respects.  Most CRM apps do the basics, but few of them do it for free.  This is one of two points wherein this app shines.  The other note is its easily-understood interface and usability.  It doesn’t take long to be an expert in using this app.

You can view clients individually, with a complete profile of contact history and other information, or you can group contacts by type or function.  So your sales force can be listed individually and as a group for easier management.

You can add tasks to each client or group, including assigning tasks for team members or groups to individuals.  So a member of your sales force could be assigned a task with one of your clients and then the sales force’s team lead could be assigned a task to follow up with the sales person.

The app is a good start for any small business that needs good CRM, though you should expect to grow out of the app with time.  It offers the basics of CRM, but many will want more automation and easier sharing and integration, which Timetonote can’t offer.  For a good, free start, however, it’s a great solution.

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