TimeFiler Online Time Sheets

Tired of punching the clock at the office? Maybe your work force is spread across the country or the globe. In either case, it could be TimeFiler to the rescue. At least, that’s what they hope.

This website is basically an online time clock with a few extra bonuses, like real time reporting and employee vacation and leave management. Larger corporations usually have this automated on their own internal systems or servers, but smaller companies with just a few employees may not have that or want to put together the money to get it. That’s where could come in.

For a base $50 a month for up to ten employees and for another $2.50 per employee after that, your business could be using time filer to manage your employees—no matter their location. Now the question is whether this is worth it. If you pay employees by the hour or day, you’ll likely want something a little more verifiable than a website login to track them.

Regardless, some big companies like Origin and TNS are using for workforce and time management tracking. In fact, this website started as an online time management system built specifically for TNS, who employs market researchers and surveyors worldwide. Released to the public in 2007, the site has been growing steadily since. The “full product” release was this summer.

For some businesses, this may be the solution they’re looking for. Especially if yours is still using paper-based time sheets or another, more crude method. I just can’t imagine the local corner market replacing their time clock with a Web station, but maybe I’m thinking too small.

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