Time Management For Freelance Writers

Many articles have been written on time management.  As a freelancer,  one of the most significant obstacles you will encounter is meeting deadlines. Your client might be more inclined to hire you, if you are known to always provide work done within the time frame you have specified.  It is essential to meet deadlines to have a long lasting career as a freelancer. If you are unable to meet deadlines, you might want to consider a new career path.

How to manage the time

Before writing an article, as a freelance writer, you have to carefully monitor the time schedules of assigned tasks from your clients. It helps to maintain s cordial relationship between you and clients. It also aids to avoid unwanted tension filled situations. It would be advisable, if you are running late on a project, to simply inform the client, and come up with an amicable later date. Sometimes, they will not grant you the luxury, but they will respect you for your honesty. There should always a good amount of communication between you and the client leading up to the deadline so the client knows where they stand.

Know when to say no

If you meet deadlines, then you are cognizant of your time limits. If your job is not deemed satisfactory by your client, then you soon be on the prowl for new clients. While working with one client, do not accept additional work that you feel will prevent you from finishing your first project on time.  It is alright to say NO every now and then.  Remembering, that a happy client is usually a repeat client.  Should you have a dry spell, a way to gather new clients is by writing articles on a subject matter you consider yourself and expert it.  This can help display you talents and lead new business your way.

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  1. Deadlines will always be a headache, that's why as a freelancer I see to it that I can manage my time in a manner to meet or complete my tasks before the given deadline of my client.


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