Till now, only 30 SteamVR apps have made $250,000+ (£200,750+)

Till now, only 30 SteamVR apps have made $250,000+ (£200,750+)

During a recent media event, Valve revealed that only 30 VR apps have made over $250,000 (£200,750) so far on Steam. Now focusing his company heavily on VR development, Valve president Gabe Newell remains bullish on the future of VR, but isn’t shying away from sharing frank assessments of the still young industry.

Sorting content ‘by VR’ through the Steam store, the number of titles that support the technology comfortably exceeds 1,000. While a few early indie VR titles have seen a few million in revenue, according to Valve only 30 of Steam’s VR apps have made over $250,000 (£200,750).

This could be a fairly discouraging figure for aspiring VR developers, as Steam is surely the most popular source for PC VR content, considering the apparent sales advantage of the HTC Vive over the competition, combined with the fact that SteamVR works with other headsets like the Oculus Rift and OSVR. Yet, Valve president and co-founder Gabe Newell doesn’t sound disappointed.

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