TicketFlow – Like TicketMaster, Only With More Tickets

ticketflowMost people know that if you want tickets to an event (a concert, game, play, etc.) then you need to head to a ticket brokerage site like TicketMaster or StubHub.  Right?  But what if you want the best price or, worse, you can’t find tickets?  Well, then you have your choice of a thousand other “ticket hubs” out there.  Bring a lunch.

Or you can go to TicketFlow.com and forget the other sites.

TicketFlow is a sort of aggregator or bargain hunter for event tickets.  Let’s say you want to see GWAR in Philadelphia next month.  Fess up, I know you’re in the Total Slavery Fan Club.  Anyway, you want to see them in Philly, but you need to get a good price so you can take your cousin.  Well, you can go to a hundred sites and hope to find a good price or you can go to TicketFlow and search for tickets, ranking them by price.

TicketFlow digs through the other ticket brokers and finds the deals, then presents them to you.  That’s half the site’s functionality.  The other half?

That comes in if you know you’ll be in Philly and on what days, but aren’t sure what you want to do.  You can ask the suggestion engine (called SuggestionFlow) on TicketFlow to find you a game or concert to go to and give it a date and it will show you what’s going on.  Pick your poison and cheap tickets are presented.

One thing that TicketFlow is missing is a good way to search by seating at the venue.  Of course, with the Compare feature, where you can compare different ticket prices at various vendors, you can do this on your own.  After all, you don’t want to be stuck in the nose bleeds when Oderus Urungus spews his mighty lyrics at the crowd.  Or maybe you do.

TicketFlow is based in Toronto, Canada and was founded in 2008 by Justin Hartzman.

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