Ticket Leap – The Online DIY Box Office

ticketleap.pngTicketLeap.com is one of the older small venue ticket enabling services out there right now, having started in 2003.  The site offers small companies, venues, and events the chance to more affordably offer their tickets online.  Fees are charged to the buyers, padded onto the ticket itself.

In July of last year, TicketLeap secured $2 million in funding to continue operations and ad a new twist to their service.

The new addition was Anywhere, which the Philadelphia-based app provider now offers for mobile users.  Now you can secure your tickets anytime, anywhere, on the go with your smart phone.  Even the event handlers or organizers can use their mobiles to set up their tickets for sale through TicketLeap.

TicketLeap Anywhere is cloud-based and allows for everything from selling tickets to scanning them when people arrive for the event.  They allow for booked seats, general admission, and many customization options.  Since most small venues or one-off organizers won’t have equipment like barcode scanners on hand, those can be rented from TicketLeap as well.

Basically, the site and app aim to be an all-in-one ticket sales and collection venue.

This is a great enabling solution and definitely has a good place on the market.  Fees are based on number of total tickets to be sold for the event, whether or not the event repeats (say, 3-night gigs versus a single), etc.  They are based on percentage of the ticket total and usually come to around $3-$5 per ticket for standard concert-style events.

TicketLeap was created by Chris Stanchak, it’s current CEO, and is based in Philadelphia, PA.

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