There is Room for More Progress for Major Stores in Social Media Circles

As we are fast approaching Christmas it is disappointing to hear news that many major retailers are neglecting the opportunity to drive sales through social media channels. A recent survey found that just one fifth of major businesses in the High Street are using social media websites to promote their business and their goods.

In addition to this another statistic is just as disappointing. Apparently only 28% of big businesses in the High Street use social media sites to see what their customers are talking about in relation to their business.

It is obvious then that there is a huge gap in the market for more forward thinking businesses to raise their profile via social media sites of all kinds. There are plenty of big businesses – and indeed many smaller ones – that have cr

eated a presence on sites such as Twitter and Facebook. If they continue to do well in reaching a new audience on these sites they could well end up with the lion’s share of the sales as well.

It is obvious that sales are not directly made through such channels. However, social media sites are an excellent way of ensuring that people can discover new brands and think about businesses in a way they may not have done before. Making contact is the name of the game here – and the playing field is wide open for those who wish to find new customers from their competition.

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