The Xbox One talks..

While Microsoft made its first unveiling of the Xbox One, they promised more at its second unveil at the E3 event.  This includes an unusual new Kinect ability as well as a sort of remote gaming buddy system.

The Kinect current accepts voice commands from players, a pretty cool feature that some really enjoy and others ignore.  Soon, though, the device will literally talk to players in a two-way conversation, allowing for some really cool in-game options for many games.  The Kinect can already scan player’s faces and use facial recognition to register them as the player automatically.   Now, built into the Xbox, it will also be able to ask players who they are – even if they aren’t playing.  This could get annoying, but for the most part, players seem to think that the facial recognition thing is a useful thing.  If the box starts asking anyone passing through who they are, though, that could get annoying and I can envision a lot of college apartments and dorms where this would immediately get shut off.

This could expand, though, with games (meaning characters within them) talking directly with the player in rudimentary, but interesting realistic conversation.

The other cool feature is remote play.  This allows a player to give another player, not on-site, control of the game to help with a particularly tough spot or show how a cool move or something similar is done.  Basically, the player on the other end “takes over” the controller for the player in front of the Xbox through their own Xbox.  Control can be returned anytime the box owner clicks the keys to take it back.

A pretty cool idea that could lead to other, more interesting collaborative play options too.

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