The sendMEhome Recovery Tool

The sendMEhome Recovery Tool is all about recovering your lost items. Did you leave your iPhone in the cab? Forget your watch at the gym? Then this tool can help you recover it. At least, that’s the idea.

While this was no doubt a great idea on the drawing board, it’s not really that great in reality. Here’s how it works, you be the judge of whether it’s useful or not: you give your items a unique ID and either print a label or write the ID name/number on the item somewhere visible. If it’s lost, someone can go to and enter the item ID to find out who it belongs to and send it back to you.

My question: why not just put a return address label with your address and phone on it, on your item instead? Ya, that’d be too simple. Better to make the person who finds it (hopefully) visit the website, enter the info, and then mail it to you. That simplifies things for sure.

If you can’t tell, I was less than impressed with this idea. If you’re nervous about putting your name and address on something you might lose, then why would putting an ID on it that someone could look up online to find that same info make a difference?

Once more, this was a great idea, but one that shouldn’t have gone any further than the drawing board.

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