The Power of Social Media Scraps New Gap Logo

GapMost of us recognise the power that social media has in our modern day society. But it would seem that even big brands are controlled by the information they receive through social media channels. There has been an excellent example of this over the past few days, courtesy of Facebook and Twitter.

The company Gap had planned to change its logo in order to provide people with a fresh and new take on the company’s brand. But before it made a permanent change, Gap asked its users on Facebook and Twitter (along with other sites too) what they thought about the potential change.
Gap subsequently discovered that by asking a question like this, companies had better be prepared for an answer. While some liked the new logo, the overall consensus was that the overwhelming majority of people did not. This eventually led to a quick change of mind from the powers that be at Gap, which has now got rid of the design that was to take the place of the old one.
It would seem that many social media users like familiarity when it comes to their favourite brands, and this is no exception. Those in charge at Gap now realise no doubt that when they ask for feedback they should brace themselves for feedback of the negative kind as well. Everything is now back to normal and the old familiar Gap logo should be staying exactly where it is for a long time to come.

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