The meaning of Twitter’s dead buy button

The meaning of Twitter’s dead buy button

Recently, Twitter axed their buy button, a tool aimed at baking commerce directly into the platform. Their focus has shifted to other commerce related products that, for instance, drive website conversions.

As a company that builds ecommerce infrastructure and uses social to drive customer engagement, we know a conversion will close more efficiently if you’ve built rock solid e-commerce or brand infrastructure, created the right content, and understand the importance of engaging with your audience throughout the conversion cycle.

Social platforms are still incredibly focused on commerce, and that means that we are quickly heading towards a world with fully integrated social commerce. It’s time to dive deep on your efforts in social to push commerce and conversion and then watch those investments pay off as users come to expect this behaviour in their different social feeds.

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and more give marketers better access to their current and future customers than any other medium in history. The platforms also continue to build new tools for targeting a brand’s user base and collect critical data to inform future business decisions by brands.

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