The Kisai Rorschach goes psycho with timekeeping

You probably know who Rorschach was. Anyone who’s taken Psychology 101 knows that name and the inkblot cards he invented. Now, Japanese watchmaker Tokyoflash Japan has turned those blots into time keeping devices, calling it the Kisai Rorschach.

Based on a design submitted to the Tokyoflash Design Studio Blog by a German named Sam Jerichow, the watch has been perfected and now built for sale. It’s available from the company for about $199 USD on their website here.

It’s an odd watch. It uses an e-paper display (ala the Kindle or Nook) to save power and displays the time continually, rather than turning on and off to save battery life like many digital watches do. The time is displayed, however, as an inkblot rather than just straight numbers across the screen.

The upper-left is the hour and the bottom-right is the minutes while in between is a mashup of the numbers to create a Rorschach-like inkblot. Looking at the photos and the video on their website, it’s clear that this watch takes some time to get used to viewing (haha).

On the other hand, the next person who asks for the time may get a psychological evaluation in the process:

“Sure, here’s my watch.”

“Looks like a strangled chicken.”

*Backing away slowly..

There you go. A pretty neat look if you still wear a watch and are interested in something wholly unique. What do you think?

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