The Google Android Phone Has Arrived In Style

T-Mobile has unveiled its HTC-built G1 mobile phone on Sept 23rd 2008. This is the first mobile phone that is based on software from the Google-led Open Handset Alliance.
We have all been waiting on this phone since the premiere of the Apple’s iPhone, we wondered what the next best thing would be and T-mobile and Google wasted no time in showing us. The Android software created by Google-led consortium features a full web browser and will connect to the internet with Wi-Fi technology. The phone has a huge touch screen and allows users to download games and other tools from an online bazaar similar to the Apple App Store.

It is expected that the G1 will do much better than its predecessor iPhone, the early success rate may not be as notable, but the long term success is estimated to be quite high. The phone will become available on Oct 22nd 2008 and analysts predict that the manufacturer HTC will sell up to 400,000 units this year. You can expect to pay approximately $179 for the phone with a 2 year contract with T-Mobile. The expected sales quota is to be around 3 million units in 2009.

T-Mobile may have to upgrade their high speed to keep up with the times, they are offering a great phone, but their high-speed wireless network is not as extensive as AT&T’s. T-Mobile offers an embryonic 3G network and users may have to deal with it for the first few months, while the network is upgraded. Some T-Mobile users of the new android may purchase calling plans to get more use out of their WiFi Features.
You can expect to see people flock to get the new Google Android G1 phone, it may not be as stylish or luxurious as the iPhone in its style but it does look nice, you could consider it to be a cross between a sidekick and an iPhone. You may end up with one in your trick or treat bag this year….Happy Halloween!

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