The Creative Pool – A Great Place To Go For Support And Advice

Creative PoolFreelancing can be a lonely life if you aren’t careful. It is far too easy for Freelancers to spend most of their time indoors working away and not seeing or speaking to anyone else except over the internet.

Of course, the internet is a great tool in the life of a freelancer. It can put you in touch with fellow freelancers, not to mention potential jobs for the future.

The Creative Pool website is one such site that is worth a look in this respect. They have a large section with hundreds of jobs for the creative section of society. While many of the jobs are full time in nature there is also a section on the website purely for single project workers. You can promote yourself here and become part of their freelance directory as a result.

In this case you can create your own mini website to help promote your services.  They offer free and pro accounts and while the pro ones offer more services and enhancements, the free ones are worth looking at initially. You can also upgrade later on if you wish.

There are also some articles on freelancing and related topics in the advice and articles section of the website that are worth checking.  We recommend checking the site out if you freelance and are currently seeking more work. After all – the more work, the merrier the freelancer! The site UK-based, but don’t let that put you off – the site looks set to grow considerably.

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