The Best Beer Tasting in The World – Probably

Beer and travel tend to go hand in hand. Whether you’re holidaying in the depths of winter or the height of summer, a crisp and refreshing beer is the perfect accompaniment for any weather.

Whatever the destination, beer is a staple part of any local diet – so it’s hardly surprising to find that different nationalities have fine-tuned their own idea of what they consider to be the perfect pint.

It’s evolution. Think of it in Darwin terms. Beers have evolved differently around the world to suit their own unique environment, which makes travelling the ideal way to sample the best of everything beer.

Czech Republic

The Czech Republic, and Prague in particular, has become a popular travel destination for short breaks in recent years.  And although the nation’s tourist industry is relatively new, wide-scale beer brewing in this part of Europe was established as early as the 12th century.  This has given the Czechs 900 years to develop the perfect pint – and boy have they done just that!  As a testament to just how good Czech beer tastes, the nation has the highest beer consumption per capita on the planet.

And with local beers such as Budvar and Staropramen dominating the pub scene, who can blame the Czech people for drinking so much of it?


Any beer-loving traveller will tell you that Munich’s Oktoberfest represents one of the best opportunities to combine a spot of sight-seeing with a great pint or ten.  Beer is an integral part of German culture, and with over 1,300 breweries, it’s easy to see that there is ample demand for it!

Because of the vast array of breweries, Germany has something for everybody – and Oktoberfest is by far best way to sample what Germany has to offer.

The 16-day festival plays host to some of the nation’s best brews, including the many varieties of Germany’s famous wheat beer, which is popular with the locals and is well worth trying.  Also on offer are numerous types of light and dark lagers, ambers, white or pale beers and malt beers.  Beware however, many of these beers contain a higher than average alcohol volume, usually anywhere between 6-13% ABV.


Ranked fourth in the international beer consumption per capita table, the Australians clearly like a drink – which can only come as good news for those travelling to the country for a holiday!  Locals have adopted lager as their beer of choice due to the nation’s climate, and a cold, crisp and refreshing pint acts as the perfect remedy to the heat of the Australian sun.

Australians haven’t had as long as other nations to engineer the perfect pint, but what they’ve managed to do in 150 years is quite simply phenomenal.

Fosters is widely regarded as Australia’s premier lager, however, this is simply a western marketing ploy. Australians barely drink Fosters and prefer local brews such as Victoria (VB), Tooey’s and XXXX (Four X.)  The fact that beer is so popular in every corner of the world makes travelling that little bit sweeter.

From Asia to Europe and from South America to Australasia, each continent and each country has its own idea of how a great pint should taste.

So rest assured that wherever you choose to travel, a cold brew with its own unique taste is ready and waiting for you to enjoy.

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  1. Drinking beer with cool chicks is fun 100%. Kidding aside, Prague and Germany is known for their best beer.


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