TextGrabber – Cool Character Recognition App

Ever see something you liked or read a quote you wanted to remember and then forget it later?  Worse, have you ever tried to type it into your iPhone to save it and been frustrated because it takes so long?  Check this out.

TextGrabber is a cool little optical character recognition (OCR) app for the iPhone that uses the camera to capture images of what you want to save and then translates it via OCR into text.  You can save it, text it, email it, or whatever you’d like from there.

Unlike many OCR software applications that have come and gone in the past, this one actually works.  It rarely flubs words and it even captures text in multiple languages (English and Russian).

Trying it on several items, it was obvious that it got it right nearly every time only occasionally getting a wrong letter or guessing a wrong word. Those were when the words or lettering were unusual.  It reads most magazine, book, and even stylized printer’s cursive very well.

Once you have the app it becomes apparent that there are a lot of cool uses for it and it won’t be long before you wonder how you got through the day without it.  It’s successfully captured menu items, quotes from books and magazines, phone numbers from the book, and more.

A very nicely done app.

Update: TextGrabber is on sale until July 20, 2011 for 50% off!

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