Tell Co-Workers They’re Awful With Someecards

Hallmark cards are terribly lame. Even their supposed offbeat, off-color Shoebox selections have self-destructive zingers apparently torn from “Cathy” comics.

It seems that if you want to send a truly funny greeting card these days, you need to write it yourself. Or you can let do the sarcastic posturing.

Someecards has inappropriate greetings for every occasion, but the workplace-focused cards are easily the best. The simple, sarcastic copy is complemented by minimalist , plucky illustrations. What about a card depicting some 1800s traders on a canoe in the wilderness claiming, “They can’t lay us off if they can’t find us.” Or another card with a curmudgeon tossing back an overflowing pint stating, “I’m burned out from putting in 38-hour work weeks.” Good, good stuff.

Ad Age named someecards the second best way to waste time on the Web. They’ve also been written up by The New York Times, US Weekly and Gawker. And someecards fires out more than 500,000 greetings a month to inboxes around the world.

As you can see, they’re just a smidgeon hipper than Hallmark. But then again, so is Rachel Ray. And heck, if you don’t find any greetings you like, you can even create your own blue greeting and have fellow cynics vote on them.

Here is mine: “I started my own business just so I could can myself.”

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