Teamwork Project: Scalable Project Management Groupware

picture-101Teamwork Project is a project management app made by Open Lab, an Italian software firm specializing in server-based business applications. Teamwork Project  is a server-hosted application for scalable project management.

For pure project management, this software offers little more than other, similar offerings, but it does have a simpler interface and a more intuitive project tree. For Teamwork Project, though, the strength is in the plugins, not the core app itself.

The core PM app can handle projects of just about any scale and complexity and does everything you’d expect a well-vetted piece of PM software to do at this level. It’s priced to put it firmly into the mid-sized and larger business category with single user licenses starting at $120 and unlimited users at over the $6,000 mark. If you’re using Microsoft Project, don’t worry: Teamwork can import it or Basecamp’s data files.

Plugins for this powerful app include time tracking for work logs, issue tracking (including a “voting” option for allowing users to decide), standard groupware options, and some smart features that will likely be what sells you on Teamwork.

Those features are centered on an amazingly powerful search tool, but other inclusions are also well worth noting. These include dynamic inputs based on common uses and learned behaviors, in-field computational tools, great print options, and much more.

Overall, I was extremely impressed with this application and how powerful it can be for those that need it. Smaller firms and one-man shops won’t have any use for Teamwork Project, really, but for the enterprise it’s tops. Definitely worth looking at—and I’m not easily impressed, you know.

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