Figure out Taxi Costs

taxi-route-logo-ver-1This site is based out of The United Kingdom and is a simple way to figure out how much a taxi fare should cost. It includes tariff details and other charges from local authorities in the UK as well as the standard rate for taxi service. It calculates the best route (shortest and/or cheapest) and gives travel time as well as the estimated fare.

It’s free to use and very quick. Feedback seems to say it’s accurate as well. The site started in 2007 and has since seen some major upgrades throughout to increase speed, accuracy, and so forth. Which taxi companies are operating in the area you’re inquiring about are also listed.

The site’s income is from donations and advertising sponsorships. A proprietary version for taxi companies to use on their site (sans other company’s info) is also in the works.

The site’s creator, Trev, began the site when he wondered why his fare to go from one point to the next and back again would be different each time. Building the system, he realized it was a matter of routing and what the cab driver knew of local authorities’ tariffs.

He also says that now smaller cab companies are using the site as a fare quotation system, which inspired the proprietary licensing plan. emerged from alpha testing in 2008 and has been getting extremely popular in the UK, especially the London area. No account is needed to check fares and tariffs, but having one allows you to save searches for later reference.

A pretty cool idea and one that might catch on if expanded to other areas.

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