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tasck_feb09Bad spelling, good site. That’s how I’ll sum this one up. Tasck.com is a simple task management solution that is, in essence, a to-do list. It’s free and extremely easy to understand. I use Doris.com as one of my to-do managers and can say that Tasck makes Doris look complicated.

You log in and are presented with your list of to-do’s. Hovering over the “+” sign automatically opens a text field where you can enter the task you want listed. Each task on your list has two options you can use for it: check as completed or delete the task.

You can prioritize tasks on the list by grabbing them and moving them up and down. At the left are three lines (fields) of color—yellow, green, and gray. Grabbing and moving tasks can put them in one or the other color field, giving them priority. Gray tasks are completed while green are to-do and yellow are critical. You can click on the gray section to delete all the tasks in it (as complete).

That’s pretty much the whole site. That’s all there is to Tasck. Obviously, if you’re in need of a more robust or complete solution for task management, then Tasck is not for you. For those of us that need easy and simple to-do listing, though, this is near perfect.

At the bottom left of the screen is a little counter that keeps track of how many tasks have been marked as completed. On another note, Tasck delete accounts (and all lists associated with them) if they are inactive for sixty days. Seriously, though, if you don’t log in within sixty days, you’re probably slacking too much anyway.

For those ready to take the next step up from the Post Its and the old fast food receipts as to-do management options, Tasck is a great solution. Definitely worth checking out.

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