Symtext A New Resource for Education

symtextEducators, I feel your pain. Developing curriculum for material, students need to learn is a tough job. You have to find the material and texts that most closely comprises the knowledge you want to impart on those sponge-like minds of your students. Since there is no one book that has all the material in one place, instructors must “augment” their chosen books with handouts and all sorts of other media.

Students, I feel your pain as well. Taking one course sometimes requires you to carry 2-3 books as well as keep track of an assortment of handouts and reading assignments as well as other materials. I have known some students who had to carry two different backpacks of books and such for three classes in college.

Publishers, your pain too, is felt. Trying to design one textbook which contains all the information every educator in every field while making it smaller than an encyclopedia set is insurmountable. Which information symtext imageto leave out is usually more a problem than what to put in. Honestly… this puts you in a very unenviable position.

Apparently the founders of Symtext also feel your pain guys. They are in the process of making one online source that effectively eases the pain of students, educators and publishers alike, and they are being noticed!

Symtext’s founder, Ian Barker (a respected veteran in digital media) has recently been given a great show of support by Flow Ventures in the form of a hefty investment.  This may not seem very important to all of us except for the reason why.

Symtext has proven their platform and methods by working with the staff of  Athabasca University and the prestigious Queen’s School of Business. Flow Ventures has responded to their success. Here’s what makes them special.

With the development of their “Liquid Textbooks”, they have done more than tossed an aspirin at the pain of all involved in the education process. Publishers no longer have to worry so much about what NOT to publish, instructors can get all their materials in one place, effectively compiling one complete resource for each student, and students no longer have a plethora of materials to maintain.

If you are even remotely involved in the Educational field, I highly recommend checking out what Symtext has offered. With their online selection of learning materials, they might just change the way you look at learning!

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