SwingBox – Addictive Rhythm Gaming

Remember as a kid being totally addicted to that electronic memory game Simon?  Well, imagine that game but with a more portable size (it’s literally on your phone), way better game play, and just as much play addiction but with cooler sound too..  Then you’ll have SwingBox.

This game for the iOS (iPhone, iPad, etc) is tons of fun.  It can be played singly, in multi-player, and with online score charts.  You can play in various modes to keep it simple, make it a bigger challenge, or to add in interactive play with friends.

In Classic mode, you play against the box attempting to keep the colors moving and hitting note combos.  SlingBox has a lot more music focus than Simon did, but still requires that you remember things in order to keep the beats flowing and the sound right.  When you hit combos, the beat increases and you have to try and keep up.

In Arcade mode, the game is in burst mode – two minutes of fast pacing.  This is great for filling in time without committing yourself to a long run of game play and the goal here is to score as high as possible in that two minutes.

In Multiplayer, of course, you compete against friends.  This puts the game in online mode for connecting with other SlingBox players for high scoring competition.  This is a really fun way to play as it means rivalry in real-time.

Here is a short video showing off the game.  It’s available in the iTunes Store.

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