Sun Timer – Keep Yourself From Getting Burned

If you’re tired of going out to the beach, working in the garden, or otherwise spending time outdoors having fun and getting your Vitamin D only to later wince in front of the mirror at your burnt skin, then this app is for you.  It seems that no matter how much we do to protect ourselves, burns always happen.

Well, now you can time your sunbathing and outdoors time with an iOS app for iPod, iPhone or iPad from Kai Bruchmann.  The screen shots here are in German, but there is also an English version of the app.  It’s called Sun Timer and it’s available in the iTunes Store.

The app is pretty simple.  Just answer a couple of questions about where you are located and the app will tell you how long you can be in the sun before getting burnt and then start a timer so you can be alerted when that time has been reached.

You can even have it account for the type of sunscreen you’re using and other details, making it a great beach-goer, swimmer, etc. app.

Sun Timer is small with only a 0.2 megabyte footprint on your phone and it’s easily configured for use in English or German.  It runs quickly and if you spend a fair amount of time outside, it’s a great one to have.

Better than that.. it’s free!

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