Studying & working online: is it for you?

If you fancy becoming a web professional, one of the best ways of acquiring the necessary expertise and qualifications is to take an online web design or development course.

If you fancy becoming a web professional, one of the best ways of acquiring the necessary expertise and qualifications is to take an online web design or development course.

There are many different types to choose from, from publishing, design and illustration to site security and numerous specialised modules to improve your skills in the field.

There are also plenty of advantages to taking distance courses rather than enrolling on traditional ones.

No geographical limits

You’re not limited geographically when you enrol on a distance learning course, so you can take your pick from international programmes regardless of where they’re based. You can choose exactly what you want to study, putting together a tailor-made course to suit your professional interests, and arrange your own study schedule because there are no set class times. You can fit your study periods in with your lifestyle and other commitments.

You can study whilst travelling or at home, so long as access to the internet is available, and with mobile broadband now increasingly efficient and affordable this is usually no problem. The vast majority of online courses are completely interactive, and ironically you’ll usually get better one-on-one teaching than you would in a bricks-and-mortar college.


Online courses will cost you, of course, but what you pay has to be balanced against future prospective income as a result of completing the course. Also the fact that you’ll have no travel expenses or the need to pay for books and other traditional learning materials has to be taken into consideration. All that you need will be available through online resources.

Range of courses

The sheer range and types of online web design and development courses are also much greater than in regular colleges, and you can choose long or short, general or specialised courses and modules to suit your needs. Importantly, as a web designer the internet will be your special field of activity, so starting out on the internet makes sense to get you used to doing everything online from the word go. You’ll soon get a real feel for the learning environment from the outset and feel increasingly comfortable working in virtual reality. This will stand you in good stead for the time when you make your income in this area, doing everything with a mouse and keyboard.

Studying web design online will be in effect like doing the job as well, as you publish your course assignments on the internet and get a feel for how the design and publication process works. As your skills increase you can start confidently building up your own portfolio and approach prospective clients with examples of websites you’ve been involved with developing.

As your time will be entirely your own, you can easily fit such a course around an existing work schedule, and as you exploit the web to source your study materials you can look into ways of making extra cash that may not have occurred to you before. Look for customer service and data entry jobs using your PC, to technical writing, database support and data entry, to help tide you over. In fact, there are many possibilities that you won’t have thought of when you initially decided to embark on a web design or development career through distance learning.

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