Studio Beyond – Everything You Need to Make a Movie Except Talent

Let’s face it, if the most talented artists were the ones who got recognized and rose to stardom in Hollywood, then Arnold Swartzenegger would still be a bricklayer and Britney Spears would still live in a trailer.  As it is, talent often takes a back seat to connections and luck.  If you’re in the right place at the right time with the right material, you’ll make it.  Otherwise?  Probably not.

With the Internet, however, has come the rise of the Indie artist.  No longer constrained to card tables at clubs as the only sales option, artists are now able to tap a world-wide audience.  Some things, however, just can’t be built easily (or well) on the Indie model.  Film making is one of those.

Now there’s Studio Beyond, a website that aims specifically to match funding, artists, resources, distribution, and so forth all in one space.  It’s “doing lunch” and “having your people call my people” all in one Web location.

The site launched at the Cannes Film Festival in 2009 and has steadily improved since.  Several new deals with financial sources and distribution portals has made the site into what it’s promised: an all-in-one solution for collaborating on movie-making projects.

There are resource sections for executives, film talent, distributors, studio owners, and everyone in between.  The idea is to allow for the networking and resource sharing that normally happens through power lunches and knowing someone who knows someone.  Putting all of this online rather than in the flashy hand-shake context it’s traditionally been in.

For the Indie artist and small entertainment company, this is a boon.  So far, Studio Beyond has gained in popularity quickly and promises to continue to do so.

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