Stripe release iPhone app to monitor payment activity

Stripe has released a service that allows businesses to monitor purchases and user activity with a mobile application – or more precisely, an iOS app. The company already provides a service that enables companies to accept payments from customers, and this latest innovation will help to evolve the model.

The newly developed utility will have the same functionality as Stripe’s core online dashboard, but it will now provide the interface through a mobile device. A search function will also be included. Moreover, businesses will be able to configure notifications, which will track purchases as they are made and offer a daily summary report.

It makes sense for business owners on the move to have access to all the data they need to operate effectively. In reality, this means that people can control and monitor business activity wherever and whenever they want.

The simplicity of the Stripe model has pushed it forward in the popularity stakes. Implementing and using the platform is straightforward, meaning that fledgling businesses can begin accepting payments for goods as quickly as they can source the stock.

Stripe has expanded quickly through mobile usage and is now an international company. It is a versatile product that is preferred by desktop users and mobile operators alike, and it is now valued at $3.5 billion. Last year, the company raised $70 million in funding to expand its model, bringing the total investment to $200 million.

The Stripe app is now available on iOS.

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