StoryMarket – Now Writers and Publishers Can Syndicate Their Content More Easily

There are several online marketplaces where writers, bloggers and people in similar areas can publish and sell their work for a return. But now a new marketplace has appeared called StoryMarket, and it is run slightly differently to the others.

It is all about making your content available to be published or syndicated in some way. The website handles the financial side of things, taking payments from buyers and making sure you are paid for them. But it also gives you a platform to decide how, where and for how much you will make your content available.

Buyers can get in touch with providers and make a specific offer for their content. But the seller is always in control and able to reject too low an offer or ask to retain certain rights.

It is early days and at present StoryMarket is in the public beta stage. But it does look promising and it could grow into a strong site if enough freelancers and publishers networks get involved with it. The website points out that it gives writers a way to get paid for content they already have under their belts. But it also provides possibilities to create new content specifically for buyers on the site, when they request something very specific.

StoryMarket could catch the eye of many different people once it gets going. In the meantime it remains to be seen whether it will achieve the highs the owners hope it will.

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