StillShot – Another Useful App from GroupShot

The makers of GroupShot have released a new app to the App Store: StillShot.

Just as its name implies, this one takes a photo from a video.  Any video of any length and any quality.  The shots, obviously, will come out as good as the video was recorded in terms of resolution and clarity, but it is a great app for a variety of uses.

For instance, as the commercial (embedded below) implies, if you go to take a photo with your phone or camera and then realize you accidentally had it on video record instead?  No problem, just put the video into StillShot and take any captures you want from the video, frame-by-frame, and convert them to photos.  Easy.

Another use I’ve found for it is to take stills from short videos recorded for promo purposes in order to get a photo for a blog post or publicity writeup.  For instance, I often take video of interviews informally so that I can do a writeup or news report on it later.  It’s the easiest way to interview without taking notes.  Say during that video, I got a great still of the subject?  Instant promo shot for use on the writeup or promotion of the story.

There are a lot of other great uses here too.  Take videos of the family and then capture great moments for the photo album as well, for one.

A great app and another winner from Macadamia Apps.

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