Stickybits – Making Barcodes Magic

StickybitsStickybits: Making Barcodes Magic

With the help of the Stickybits mobile app, every barcode can tell a story. Stickybits is a new tool that allows users to scan in barcodes with their iPhone or Android and attach media to them, whether it be video, text, pictures or music. Users can then see what others have attached to the barcodes. You can use any barcodes that already exist on groceries, DVDs, books, etc, or you can download unique codes. Some possible applications include adding extra information to a business card or CV. You can also add a barcode to a flyer, including a relevant video or link to google maps, print out a series of barcode stickers as clues for a treasure hunt, or scan in the barcode for your favourite book and add an invitation to have coffee for the next person in your area who reads it.

Stickybits allows you to scan in barcodes for just about anything and get reviews before you buy it, or use a barcode to collect unique well-wishes for an office birthday card. Eventually, businesses might start encouraging people to interact with their products using competitions for the best barcode media.

While the Stickybits app is free, they do supply hardwearing vinyl barcode stickers for a fee. Stickybits is also integrated with Zazzle, meaning you can add barcodes to personalised mugs, t-shirts, calendars and more. They’ll also notify you if your barcode is scanned, where it is scanned, and what else has been attached to it. This is a social media app with a lot of fun potential, so start scanning today.

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