Startups test appetite for on-demand food

Startups test appetite for on-demand food

Does the world need another way to swipe your way to hot food? DoorDash, Postmates, Grubhub, Caviar, Yelp Eat24, UberEats and Amazon Restaurants already dispatch legions of couriers to pick up and deliver prepared meals from local restaurants.

But entrepreneurs still see an appetite for on-demand food. While Americans spend $500 billion (£402.16 billion) a year at restaurants, including $210 billion (£168.91 billion) in takeout food, just $11 billion (£8.85 billion) goes to online food ordering, according to Morgan Stanley.

Now two Bay Area startups, Santa Clara’s JoyRun and San Francisco’s Tapingo, are offering new twists on food delivery. Both use college campuses as their testbeds — an approach famously pioneered by Facebook.

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