Starmugs – Because You Can’t Have Too Many City Mugs

starmugs-comOr can you?  These collectible mugs from Starbucks are quite the hot item.  A whole network of trading and buying/selling is going on with these trendy coffee mugs.  You see, nearly every city Starbucks has a store in has a unique Starbucks mug to go with it.  So if you walk into the Starbucks in Atlanta, Georgia, you see an Atlanta mug.  In Fargo, North Dakota?  Yep, there’s a mug.  Salt Lake City, Utah?  Well, no, caffeine is illegal there.  OK, maybe not.  There’s a mug.

Starmugs is an online showcase where Starbucks mug collectors can show off their collections, hook up with people to trade mugs, and tell your fascinating mug stories too.

The site is apparently based in Taiwan and some of the help and other pages show that.  Going to the “About” page greets you with an extremely informative

We all Love Starbucks City mugs.Come and Join us FOR FREE!Let’s enjoy collecting these mugs!

That’s it, word-for-word, exactly as it appears.  The entire “About” page.  Obviously Starbucks mugs collectors aren’t interested in fluff like About Us pages.  They want the nitty-gritty, the goods, the core of the thing.  So they jump right in, sign up, and start showing off their awesome collections of coffee mugs.

If you’re really, really into those Starbucks city mugs, I guess that Starmugs is the place for you.  I’m still looking for a decent site for collectors of rare Star Wars left-handed light sabers.  Let me know if you see anything.  I’ve got a totally rad collection.

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  2. happyolala

    Thank you so much!
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