Spreadtweet – Tweeter in a Spreadsheet?

spreadtweetWell, not exactly, but it’s an Excel-lookalike Twitter client that can help you fake out the boss and get away with Tweeting instead of working. It’s Spreadtweet!

The app’s designer, Elliott Kember, says he’s not sure if it’s legal, but he includes a disclaimer “just to be on the safe side.” Part of the download agreement is that you’ll bring him cookies and beer if he gets jailed.

Joking aside, this is a pretty neat little app. It probably won’t replace the hard core Twit’s app(s), like TweetDeck or browser plugins, but it will definitely make passers-by think you’re working instead of aimlessly sending 140 character (or less) “updates” to your followers.

The Spreadtweet client is free to download and use and will look so much like Excel that you’ll probably get confused at least once or twice while using it. I’m sure your followers will understand when you enter “1173+52 TOT” and tweet it.

Kember has, in fact, released three skin versions of Spreadtweet: an OSX, 2003, and 2007 Excel look-a-like. So whatever is the norm at your office, you’re probably covered. He’s also written other apps, also available from his site, such as Twiggy (a Twitter search tool), and Eventfinder NZ (New Zealand’s top events finder site).

Not only is Spreadtweet and some of Kember’s other stuff worth checking out, but he himself is worth watching too. The guy’s a nut and makes some really creative stuff.


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  1. Hi there – my name is actually spelt with a “b”, not a “p”.

  2. Hi there – my name is actually spelt with a “b”, not a “p”.


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