SpotMixer Gets $9 Million 2nd Round & Google Tie-In

spotmixer_270x65Owned by One True Media, SpotMixer is a DIY video advertisement producer aimed towards small and home-based businesses who want a professional-looking video ad without the money or loss of control these traditionally require.

The service works by offering templates of photo and video and suggested marketing copy and voice-over ideas. These are combined by the user into a video that can be spread through SpotMixer’s site, YouTube, and similar outlets as well as embedded into current websites. Creating a video is free, but adding it to the SpotMixer network (or otherwise using it) costs money.

The idea is for smaller businesses to make professional-quality videos that aren’t medium-specific, so the video can be used for both online advertising as well as local cable spots. SpotMixer’s income is from their promotion of the videos for clients, including working out deals with cable companies to run ads.

This is a crowded marketplace, however, but SpotMixer’s angle is unique and their prices are generally lower than the larger competition such as Spot Runner. The competition is also being weeded out with the current economic woes.

The latest $9 million infusion is from various sources, lead by DAG Ventures and including other noted investment groups like NIT Finance. A recent deal with Google to utilize Google AdWords was also made, giving them a good boost. They are now the first “authorized dealer” for video-based AdWords.

One True Media says that the new money is planned for use in scaling up SpotMixer’s services and boosting their marketing to increase their market share. Prices to use SpotMixer’s service (after video creation, which is free) start at $49/month.

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