Spotify adds Djay as it continues growing

The hottest music streaming service right now? Hard to say, but with ten million paying subscribers, an extensive music collection, and apps for nearly every platform, it’d be hard to choose a service other than Spotify. Now, the company has fully integrated with the Djay mixing app, which is sure to win over even more subscriptions.

Djay is now hard-wired into Spotify, allowing users to stream two songs at once and mix them live. This popular app has already won over a lot of people and with the ability to stream music you don’t have stored on your device? It gets even better.

This means a DJ now has access to 20 million tracks instead of just their iTunes, Amazon, ripped, or other local tracks. The one downer is that licensing restrictions mean that you cannot record your mixes, but you can share them with Facebook, Twitter, and so forth as a Spotify playlist.

A new feature in the Djay app for Spotify is Match, which takes data from The Echo Nest (now a part of Spotify) to auto-que tracks that will mix well with whatever song has been chosen (based on beats per minute or BPM and key).

For their part, Djay actively sought Spotify integration. “Today, there’s been a clear shift that more and more people don’t have music or media on their devices — they use iTunes in the Cloud, or subscription services like Spotify,” says Karim Morsy, the creator of Djay, in a release. “Spotify integration has been one of our top requests.”

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