Sortuv – Related Location Searches Without the Relativity

sortuv-logoWhen you go to a standard search engine, like Google or Bing, you are presented with a search box and must enter some terms. That’s basically the interface on every search engine out there, including The difference is that while Google requires that you come up with a way to quantify what you’re looking for “restaurant in Manhattan high class lobster” and hope for the best with your results, Sortuv takes a different approach.

Instead of putting in a bunch of adjectives with relative definitions depending on who’s reading them, Sortuv lets you skip that and put in comparison searches instead. So if you’re looking for a high class restaurant in Manhattan that serves lobster, you can put in “Manhattan restaurant sortuv like Red Lobster” and get much more targeted and meaningful results.

Assuming your version of “high class” is Red Lobster, of course.

Sortuv (pronounced “sort of”) is a pure comparison search engine. So just about any product or place of business can be found this way.

If you’re looking for a food mixer, but need it to have a meat grinder attachment, for instance, you can put in “food mixer meat grinder sortuv like Kitchenaid” and see what you get. There are some extremely handy uses for this kind of search, obviously. Especially for those of us that just can’t quite find the name of something.

“a place on the corner that sells donuts sortuv like Starbucks”

Dunkin Donuts! Right, I knew that. Sheesh, thanks Sortuv.

Sortuv is a great search engine and extremely useful. As it builds, it will become more popular and useful as well. It’s quickly building a database of what things compare to what others. This way asking for a restaurant sortuv like Boston Market won’t result in McDonald’s.

Definitely one worth checking out:

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