Sony’s SmartBand fitness tracker launches next month

Sony will debut it’s first commercial product featuring its Core fitness tracker in March, embodied as the SmartBand. It will be available worldwide after making a big splash at the Consumer Electronics Show last month.

Sony is aiming to offer more than just the typical fitness tracker, integrating Core with the SmartBand and the customer’s mobile phone (via the Lifelog app). The device not only tracks physical activity daily, but chronicles the places you go, songs you’ve listen to on your phone, games played on the device, books read through yourphone, etc. It creates a visual interface of your activities in what Sony calls the SmartWear Experience.

The idea is that you can set goals for yourself and use the Lifelog and other Sony apps and devices to get to those goals. Fitness goals can be had by setting reminders if your game play goes too long or your reading time begins cutting into walking time, and so on. More than that, though, the app gives a visual representation of your daily life, which shows you where you may find room for improvement.

Sound creepy? Well, it’s likely a more popular idea than you might think. The SmartBand is natively compatible with Android phones via Bluetooth or NFC and Sony promises an open hardware/software ecosystem to go with it. The initial launch will be for black only models, which will be available in about sixty countries. Eventually, other colors will follow.

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