Solo Marketing – Linking You Up With Local Professionals

It is becoming more and more commonplace to outsource certain tasks to other professionals online.  Writers, web designers and editors often freelance in this way, sourcing jobs and working for clients all over the world.

But the internet can now bring you a new kind of service that puts you in touch with local people rather than those on the other side of the world.  This service is called Solo Marketing, and the idea is that you can find out whether the kind of professional you are looking for is living just around the corner from you.

The home page mentions various jobs that couldn’t be served online, such as plumbers and cooks.  The site is still in its early stages at the moment, so there is every possibility that it will take some time to develop fully and offer everyone the range of people they are looking for on a local basis.

But the early signs are promising, with an eye catching website and an easy way for local professionals to promote themselves more easily.  At present the site is available only in Canada and the United States.  But if it proves successful there is every chance it will be extended to include other countries as well.

There are no fees involved in this service and this alone will make it stand out among those who require more business.  Once people start to use the site to find the professionals they want, it should take off in a big way.

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  1. Love your article! In particular I agree with your point about finding that person that *must* be local to you. Sure we are in a global economy but I still need someone nearby to mind the kids, mow my lawn or cut my hair.

    If you need help getting setup the people at will get you setup for free. Just contact them here:

    Cheers, Dylan


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