Solar Walk for iPad, iPhone, or iPod

If you have any of Apple’s three gadgets, you can get this great universal app for it and teach your kids, yourself, or anyone else about the solar system.  The app is very cool and informative while also being visually engaging.

With Solar Walk, you can pick any planet in the solar system and learn everything there is to know about it, watch how it rotates around the sun in comparison to other planets, and even center on that planet (making it the center of your new solar system) and see how other planets move when seen from your favorite planet’s perspective.

From Saturn, for instance, you can the moons, asteroid belt, the giant Jupiter as it moves, and the far-off sun and the spec that is earth.  The graphics are stunning, especially on the iPad with its bigger screen.  The exact reproductions in 3D include smooth movement, realistic cloud cover, terrain, and more.  Seeing the swirling clouds of Jupiter or the barrenness of Mars is a contrast in beauty.

The app is very cool.  If you fancy space travel, there’s some fun things you can do with Solar Walk as well.  Choosing a planet from the solar system, you can click a rocket to “fly to it” and pass by all its neighbors before landing there or orbiting the planet to learn more about it.

All in all, it’s a fun, engaging app with a lot of fascinating detail and education.  Fun for the whole family!

Solar Walk is made by VITO Technology and is available on the iTunes Store for the iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.

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  1. How nice! I like the apps which can be in some way educational and developing for children. I think most kids would like to make a virtual trip throughout the Solar System with the help of this wonderful app. And of course I think the iPad big screen version provides the most exciting experience.
    Laureen, from ipad development


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