Sociocast Moves More Deeply Into Social Marketing Metrics

Sociocast is a real-time audience data company which produces measurements for marketing publishers and advertisers.  With a new technology addition and the integration of new partners such as BackType and OpenAmplify, Sociocast is moving from real-time metrics of audience behaviors to integrated audience insights.

With BackType, advertisers can learn more than just their “number of clicks” or customer locations.  They can now learn more about the audience itself, as a social metric, and how they are performing on social media platforms.

Adding OpenAmplify’s natural language processing to this builds a richer understanding of the social media impacts given the audience and metric at hand.  This also means that a deeper understanding of monetization and marketing impacts can be had as the social word-of-mouth expands.

In today’s marketing, counting heads and rewarding individual behaviors (clicks, purchases, etc.) is no longer enough.  Marketers want to know who the audience is that they are affecting so they can better target their efforts towards specific market shares more effectively.

With the fast-paced movement of the social networks of these audiences, only those who can capture both the audience and their networks will prevail.

The new options from Sociocast are available in private beta to current publishers and content customers.

Sociocast is privately funded by Dan Gilbert, formerly of Quicken Loans.

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