Socialinkd – A New Way to Connect

It’s becoming amazing how often we hear the phrase “find me on Facebook!” today.  Everyone seems to be on the world’s largest social networking site.  Yet finding someone isn’t always as simple as searching their name or even email address.  Maybe you aren’t sure how to spell their name, maybe their email address at work isn’t linked to their Facebook account, or something else.

Socialinkd plans to change that and has gone through a first round of investing to get the party started.

The app combines QR codes with an on-the-go interface that allows near-instant synchs for Facebook users.

For example, let’s say you’re at a convention and see an old friend working a booth.  She lets you know that her company happens to be hiring.  “Find me on FB,” she says.  You pull out your phone, load up Socialinkd and show her.  She does the same and scans your QR code, instantly friending you so that you’re now connected.  No lost businesses cards, no forgotten married names, no mis-typed email addresses.

The app is available for just about every phone platform (Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Windows, etc) and is free to use and download.

What’s more, the app’s creators will make you an instant angel investor if you have more than 7,000 Twitter followers and agree to tweet about their app.  How cool is that?  Obviously, the app requires a lot of users to become successful, since the more people are using it, the more it will be “the thing you need.”

It’s a pretty cool idea and if it takes off, it will be a hit.

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