SocialGo – New Investment Sees More Potential For Companies With Social Media

SocialgoMany webmasters will have heard about SocialGO by now. It is a relatively new social media site with a difference, and it is helping lots of people develop a brand and identity online through social media, where they have not done so before.

SocialGO can help both individuals and companies connect with other people, and the recent piece of good news has brought it back into the headlines again. The company has recently announced that an additional £300,000 worth of investment has been put into the business. This money is expected to be used to assist in developing and releasing a new version of the SocialGO software.

The website has been particularly big here in the US so far, although many other countries are also represented. We should expect things to develop in this sense in the future as well, as more people and companies discover the benefits of working with SocialGO, which enables members to build a socially driven website that they can use to get in touch with and connect with other like minded members.

The network has a free version that anyone can get started with. But businesses are also being drawn to the other two versions, the most expensive of which sees SocialGO build the website for you. The two paid versions see a monthly charge being levied, but no doubt the benefits of interaction between businesses and potential customers online is well worth it.

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