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socialccm-logoThere are two types of businesses in today’s market: the ones that interact with and provide plenty of support for their customers and those that are too big to fail.  It’s just a fact.  Some businesses are big enough to ignore their customers and not lose much business for it.  Most businesses are not in that situation and have to compete not only through the market, but through customer support and interaction. is a startup that wants to connect customers with business through social media.  Using the website, a business can build a profile of itself (a somewhat more dignified Facebook) and provide customer support access through the site.

Customers, meanwhile, who’re looking for the business to make a complaint or send their kudos can do so by finding them on SocialCCM and doing so.

The process is free for both parties, though value added services and premiums will be forthcoming for a price later.  Currently, everything from email contact (via the site) to IM is available for customer interaction.  A lot of collaborative resources like forms, survey engines, and support ticket tools are also on the site.

If your company is brand new and not quite ready for this kind of interaction yet, you can register it as “dormant” and save the name on SocialCCM.  Finally, customers who’re browsing the site can find companies and leave reviews of them.

The concept behind SocialCCM is not necessarily new, but the way it functions is.  It’s a good site and worth looking at, but until it gets more traffic, I wouldn’t count on it for your total customer service needs.  It’s free to register as dormant to keep impostors from taking your name for a profile, however.  If nothing else, it’s worth that so that if the site does get popular, you won’t have the hassle of an impersonator.

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