Social Networking Comes to the Kindle

KindleAmazon seems to be keen to capitalize on the success of its Kindle eBook reader by announcing a raft of new developments set to take place very soon. These should help to ensure the Kindle appeals to even more people and racks up even more sales as a result.

Perhaps one of the most interesting features of the new updated Kindle is the Public Notes feature. This will enable readers to make notes on whatever book they happen to be reading. In addition to this they can share them in a social context with every other Kindle reader if they want to. It will also be possible to share them with other people they know, providing an extra element to the Kindle experience.

It is this additional element that should result in a more rounded and interactive experience with the Kindle. Needless to say, those people who haven’t yet bought one because they didn’t like the static nature of it may now be tempted by the additional social networking ability that has been added on.

Only time will tell how this new feature will impact the sale of the Kindle, but Amazon must surely be confident that it will help. There will also be a ‘Before you go…’ feature that will appear when a reader finishes a book. They can say what they thought of it and also share their opinions through social networking.

From being a static device, the Kindle is now set to get connected.

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