Social Folders – Making Social Media Sites Easier

Many of us have more than one social media site that we are members of. While they can be excellent for keeping in touch with friends and forming new contacts for those who are in business, they can also be hard to keep track of. The more sites you are a member of, the harder it will be to manage them all successfully.

If you find this to be true, take a fresh look at Social Folders. This is a website that makes it easier to share all your content on whichever sites you happen to be a member of. It works by giving you a downloadable platform to use as a command centre on your computer. This is where all your photos and other content will live, and you can then decide what you want to upload to which websites.

It makes social sharing very easy to do and once you have downloaded the software you can start using it in conjunction with a variety of different websites. The most popular ones, including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, are all included, along with many others, such as, YouTube and Google Docs. Many people are already finding it to be the best way to manage all their online content from one easy to access place. It also means you can manage your content without having to log into any of the sites on your own.

If you have trouble managing all your social media accounts, this could be the best solution.

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