Social Corral – Making it Easier to Promote Your Social Media Accounts

Social networking is an essential element of social commerce.  Not only can you interact with potential clients on various social media sites, you can also show people which social media sites you have joined via your website or blog.

The problem is that it can get messy and unattractive to have lots of different badges on your site.  This is where Social Corral comes in.  As the name would indicate, the website gives you the opportunity to create a single widget that has all your social media connections contained within it.  Not only does it look smarter, it also makes it easier for potential contacts or clients to click on the link they want.

The widget also has an about me section you can fill in to give people more information about you and more links as well.  They can then switch back to the list of social networks when they are ready.  Each network is represented by their familiar logo.  Alongside it your name or identity for that network is indicated, so you are easy to find.  Clicking on your name or the logo takes the person to your profile page on that site.

The best part of Social Corral’s new widget is that it looks slim, neat and professional.  It is ideal for all kinds of websites and blogs, but professionals looking to further their social commerce efforts will no doubt like its simplicity and effectiveness once added to their site.

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