So Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend is Nosy? There’s an App for That

Speaking from the male perspective, nosy chicks suck.  It’s pretty sure that women don’t like nosy dudes either.  Especially when that lack of trust extends to sneaking peeks at your mobile phone to see whom you’ve been texting or calling.
Texting.  That does sound kind of scandalous.
Anyway, if you’ve got an iPhone and are tired of your snoopy partner, you can use a new app called iTrust to alert you to their mistrust.  Then your soon-to-be-X can get caught in the act.
The app is made by two Norwegian brothers, the Jorgnsns, who also made the little game Spaceball 2000.  The app is obviously well-named, since the person who uses it likely doesn’t have a lot of trust and the person caught because of it surely doesn’t have any either.
Maybe “iTrust No1” would have been a better title.
The little app loads on your iPhone and then, if you leave it running when you leave your phone lying around unattended, it will record your significant other when they snoop to find out who you’ve been having hot, dirty texting with.  Of course, if you have any brains, you deleted any questionable texts already, but not everyone is that much on top of things.
The app records the snooping, including all buttons pushed and so forth.  Then the incriminating evidence can be used to bust your partner.  It’s doubtful whether this would make for a good breakup.
While I’m sure that Dr. Phil would have more to say about this app, and the deeper meanings behind it, it’s obvious that the high level of mistrust many have in their partners: a recent survey in the UK showed that 67% of women snoop their man’s phones & is sort of an epidemic.
Ode to the salad days of yore when people trusted one another, had some moral fortitude, and ate more whole grains.  Now?  Now nobody trusts anybody, we’re all a bunch of reprobates, and people eat McCrappy’s.  Maybe it’s more fun this way.  Especially if you’re not directly involved in the scandals and can just watch from afar and use it as entertainment.
Just be sure that when you break up with that snoopy loser, you also get the 101 Greatest Breakup Lines app so you know how to really throw them under the bus.

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