SnapAds Asks Are You Creative Enough

Marketing, especially through visual advertising, is a difficult and often unpredictable process. What worked yesterday might not work today and today’s big hit will be tomorrow’s has-been. In a way, advertising is evolution on a much faster time table.

SnapAds seeks to take advantage of that evolutionary concept and push creative visual advertising to the next level. Assuming you’re advertising is creative enough to use it, anyway. You can stuff a dead horse with all the money you want, it’s still a dead horse: just ask the automakers.

The idea is very revolutionary and seems too obvious once you see it. The way it works is deceptively simple: a multi-layered ad graphic is posted to the Web (via SnapAds) and dynamically changes over time to match user engagement results. A banner ad can change, subtly or dramatically, each time it’s viewed, showing those mixes that get best results more often.

Be aware, though, that SnapAds can’t create perfect ads from nothing. That’s still up to the graphic artist and advertiser. To use the system, the advertiser provides SnapAds with a multi-layered Photoshop image with each layer containing a specific tag. Each layer can consist of graphics, text, or a mixture of both. Rules are then created as to which layers can (or won’t) be shown with which other layers, so that senseless mis-mashes are avoided. Then SnapAds starts the campaign.

If done right, the results can be huge, apparently. A recent 3-day campaign for a film generated a 1922% increase in click-through rates (yes, that’s one thousand nine hundred and twenty-two).

When the ads first appear, they will be randomized matches of layers (based on the rules) that will begin to refine themselves over time as the system identifies those layer combinations that are most successful. The modifications can go on ad infinitum and several “branches” can form as specific mixes are noted to work on specific sites or times of day. As an ad begins to see “overplay” (interest wanes), this will also trigger new changes or adaptations to keep them fresh.

Successful campaigns with SnapAds require at least a million impressions to truly refine themselves and show good results. Ads should also consist of at least 3 or more variables with at least 2 or more values each. All of those assets are provided by the advertiser and SnapAds is not self-service and is obviously meant for large-scale, higher-end advertising and not for Joe Get-Rich-Quick.

The real crux, however, rests on the creative ad itself. SnapAds doesn’t change the need for creative, eye-catching online advertising, but instead enhances and makes great advertising even better. Expect to see SnapAds in the news more often as their latest ads (which coincide with their launch) hit monitors world-wide.

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  1. Nice one. I have stumbled and twittered this for my friends. My friends will enjoy reading it also.

  2. Nice one. I have stumbled and twittered this for my friends. My friends will enjoy reading it also.


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